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Weeview SID 3D camera & motorized gimbal - HARD TO FIND! - Takes both stills & video, & has modes for both VR180 or normal full SBS for 3D TVs & projectors. Like New with original carrying case. $250usd


Toshiba SK-3D7K - The world's first 3D video camera. 1 of only 500 ever made, sold in 1989. Comes with VHS-C tape, standard VCR adapter for dubbing and converting your 3D footage, and deluxe universal charger. Battery doesn't hold enough charge to work without being plugged in, but aftermarket batteries are still sold. Fully tested and works great. $350usd


Pro custom 3D mirror rig w/ iPhone - Start filming immediately. Interchangeable viewport can be used with DSLR (not included) but also can record 4K 3D videos in high-frame-rate 60p, as well as even higher resolution still photos with an iPhone 8 which is included with custom mount. Knob on top allows to easily adjust the interaxial while filming, and high quality mirrors provide clean images with a large usable area, unlike other cheaper mirrors. $150


Star Wars Uncle Milton 3-D Projector - made for use with ChromaDepth or similar glasses.  $20usd


Glasses-free 3D photo frame - Brand New $50usd


Pro Ma King 3D tablet - like new with accessories, packaging- sold for about 650 but now sold out - Parallax barrier screen, so it's clear and high resolution when in 3D, comparable to the Lume Pad 2 but without eye tracking. 128gb of storage, preloaded with plenty of 3D content, 3D streaming, camera and gallery apps.

QooCam Ego - New open box, fully tested, NOT a vr180 camera and looks great on a 3DTV, dual full-width 16:9, and high resolution stills. A better alternative than the Fuji W3 if you want to record video. The ONLY consumer true 3D camera that allows recording at full 1080p in high frame rate, 60p, for buttery smooth action. Takes clean stills low on noise and compression artifacts, unlike the W3 and others.

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